Mulga is Joel Moore, a Sydney based artist, freelance illustrator and poet who paints murals, designs t-shirts and runs the Mulga clothing label.

He loves to paint bearded folk, animals, zombies and wacky characters and has a unique style combining crazy colours overlaid by intricate line work.

The good news is that I will be hosting my market stall at Bondi markets tomorrow! Come by for some art and clothes.

This is a photo of when I was painting @dangerousdeano
Photo courtesy of @rawsydney (at Bondi Markets)

Fergus Fit Beard rocking out on a muscle tank. If you get one from @fitbeardregistry and you too can be this buff.

A close up of the tropical Uncle Jeff tee design I made for @safaridiskoclub

This is Fergus Fit Beard. I drew him for @fitbeardregistry and he is available on limited edition tanks over at their site.

You should know that he is the fittest beard in the land. He can bench press the body weight of his host body. He is so fit he can run 1.3 kilometres carrying the whole weight of the man that is attached to him. He is very strong 💪. He wins all the Wheat Bix muscle man events and he can pull a mack truck 🚚 50 metres on flat ground. He is one of the most impressive beards I have met. He may not be long but oh boy is he fit and strong.

Say bonjour to Masked Max, he is on kids pants and jumpers by @quinnandfox

An Ode to Masked Max

Masked Max is a wondrous bunny
He performs tricks and is also funny

He grew up performing in the circus scene
He was the most magical rabbit anyone had ever seen

He could juggle 10 bowling pins as easy as that
And he could pull a fully grown man outta his hat

Then one day he got sick of all those crowds
So he built a plane and flew into the clouds

Now he travels the land as a masked outlaw bunny
Stealing lots of carrots to fill his tummy

The End

This is Flo the Flying Buffalo. I drew him for @quinnandfox

An Ode to Flo the Flying Buffalo

Flo is a character and well known in his herd
For his love of flight which might seem absurd

Every night he would dream of the wind in his hair
As he flew above the clouds without a care

Then one fateful day he awoke with two wings
They were kind of small but powerful things

He flapped those wings till he reached the sky
And he didn’t stop till he was super high

He was the happiest buffalo on that day
His dreams come true in a magical way

The End

It’s Pearl the Pony, she is the most magical pony in the land and is heaps good at skiing and making magical icecream. She is a princess pony with magical powers and if she blows a raspberry at you you know you are in big trouble. (at Snowy Mountains)

Checkout these sweet Masked Max the Rabbit 🐰 kids pants 👖 I designed for @quinnandfox

When a child 👶 wears them they have the ability to jump with 2.5 times more power than normal and they have cravings for delicious 😋 carrots.

I will be at Wollongong Uni today hosting my market stall. This is a work in progress shot of a painting I will be working on at my stall today. (at Wollongong University)

Having a beard stroke moment with Matt Gillett of @matthewgillettgallery He has a really bushy beard and also runs the art gallery in the iconic Scarborough Hotel. There is a cool women in street art show on at the moment. Contact him if you’re an artist and would like to show there. (at Matthew Gillett Gallery at Scarborough Hotel)

I made the cover for the new single, Funk Action, by @binjuicemusic
They are a super cool Sydney funk band and you can get the single on iTunes and also on vinyl in October.

I’m at Marrickville Organic markets today, come down for some organic goodness.

This is a picture of a jungle I drew for @ascolour_australia (at Marrickville Market)

Tomorrow I will host my stall at Marrickville Organic markets.

This is a pic of a rabbit on a jumper that I drew for @quinnandfox kids clothing label. (at Marrickville Organic Food and Farmers Market)

Meet Banana Bob, he is on display at Orange Regional Gallery for a month starting tonight.

He is the head fitness coach on Banana island and he makes sure all the bananas are in peak physical form prior to harvest time so that they are delicious for the humans to eat or make a smoothie with or make banana bread or banana cake or banana mufffins….mmmm delicious.

I have 4 new pieces of art in this wacky group artshow in Orange curated by Glenno Smith, flyer art also by Glenno Smith. Opens tomorrow.