Mulga is Joel Moore, a Sydney based artist, freelance illustrator and poet who paints murals, designs t-shirts and runs the Mulga clothing label.

He loves to paint bearded folk, animals, zombies and wacky characters and has a unique style combining crazy colours overlaid by intricate line work.

This is Victor the Riflebird and he will be one of the artworks on display and available for sale at the @rawsydney showcase this Friday night at Manning Bar.

This is his story:

An Ode to Victor the Riflebird

His name is Victor and he is a bird so great
His magical colours are meant to attract a mate

At the current time he is a single man bird
Enjoying hanging with the boys and being absurd

They fly around the forest getting into trouble
They get detergent and like to blow a bubble

The biggest bubble you have ever seen
So big that it is as big as a cloud and quite obscene

Other animals get stuck in the bubble so big
And Victor and the other bird dudes laugh and do a jig

The End

@rawaustralia #rawsydney #rawaustralia (at Manning Bar USYD)

I will be showing some radical new original pieces, selling prints and tees and live painting at this huge creative showcase this Friday night.
#rawsydney #rawaustralia @rawaustralia @rawsydney (at Manning Bar)

I just made a blog post on my internet website about Rainbow Ronnie. Link in my profile. (at Cafe Lounge, Goulburn Street Surry Hills)

This is the Eden the Enigmatic Elephant tote bag. It is pretty neat and I will have some at my Bondi markets stall today.

It’s also available on my website, link in my profile. Get one today or tomorrow and I will throw in an Otis the Owl greeting card! (at Bondi Markets)

Check out this sweet canvas tote just in! Grab one tomorrow at my stall at Bondi markets or online, link in my profile.

Stock is very limited so get on it quick, and if you buy one in the next 2 days I’ll throw in a free gift card #woo (at Bondi Markets)

I teamed up with @phoenixorganics and designed a limited edition artist label for one of their delicious organic fizzy whizzy bevvies. The other two labels were designed by the talented @micastill and @meghangeliza. Bet you can’t guess which one I designed!

It is all part of Phoenix’s #LoveProject where they have partnered with @sustainablecoastlines and @tangaroablue to help clean up and protect our beaches and coastal walkways. Radical!

Check out this sweet Bruce Willis art show I made some art for. It’s on this Saturday.

Did you know Bruce was born in Germany, lost two thirds of the hearing in his left ear filming Die Hard, had a sever stutter as a child and had a 1 million dollar bounty on Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden back in the day.

Also, I wont be at Paddington Markets this Saturday but I will be at Bondi Markets on Sunday for shizzle.

This is a closeup shot of my painting of Bruce for a Bruce Willis themed group art show happening at Mr Falcon’s Bar at Glebe this Saturday from 1 pm.

Also happening this weekend is my market stall at Paddington Markets on Saturday and Bondi Markets on Sunday.

The full mural at @neonrecords
Carl and Patrick are listening to beats which are all killer and have no filler.

Say hello to Patrick Blackbeard who chills on the wall at @neonrecords with Carl the killer whale DJ.

Patrick and Carl met at a massive penguin rave where Carl was DJing and Patrick was waiting for the Antarctic ice to thaw so he could sail his pirate ship to warmer waters.

Patrick was so impressed with Carl’s wicked beats that he partnered up with Carl to start Neon Records, the worlds premier record label for ocean animals.

They now spend their days hosting huge raves in the Bermuda Triangle for all the ocean animals.

Painting a friend for DJ Carl the killer whale at @neonrecords

Nathan the Neon Lion fully complete with signage and all for @neonrecords !

Nathans previous job was as a bridgekeeper under a bridge filling in for a troll who had to take some personal leave to deal with some family issues. Now his full time gig is patrolling the door at Neon Records. Everything is going great. (at Kings Cross)

Just finishing painting Nathan the Neon lion. He is the door lion for @neonrecords

If you want to enter you must answer his riddles three or he devours thee.
I would love to hear your suggestions for the riddles.
Photo by @rorycarmody

It’s Carl the Killer Whale! I painted him today in @neonrecords new office.

He is Antarctica’s number one DJ and he regularly spins his tunes to tens of thousands of penguins when they have their crazy penguin raves. He was the official DJ for the Happy Feet movies.


The third and final pic I will post of the three banana bro’s I painted at @macquariecentre at Ryde.

This guy is Phillip and he is the oldest gorilla brother, he owns and operates the Yellow Trucking Co, the industry leader in banana transport and distribution in the whole of Gorilla Town. He prides himself in delivering all the bananas in a timely and efficient manner to all the banana shops in Gorilla Town. (at Macquarie Centre)