Mulga is Joel Moore, a Sydney based artist, freelance illustrator and poet who paints murals, designs t-shirts and runs the Mulga clothing label.

He loves to paint bearded folk, animals, zombies and wacky characters and has a unique style combining crazy colours overlaid by intricate line work.

I will be live painting at this radical street festival in Marrickville today with a whole bunch of radical @la_division artists some of which are @sindysinn @mentalben @glennoart @ohmygrizzle @apeseven @theud3 @keomatch @splegs @traitism (at Jabez Street)

Please meet Manwell the owl shredder. He rocks hard in the socks. He will be chilling outside Manly Art Gallery and Museum for the next 3 weeks with creations by @sindysinn @mentalben and @camwall .

Also when you are here go and check out inside the gallery at Joshua Yeldham’s amazing show. (at Manly Art Gallery and Museum)

Having fun in Manly at the Manly Art Gallery painting a funky owl with Sydney Pirate @sindysinn
Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day everyone. (at Manly Art Gallery and Museum)

This is what my feet look like when I paint a gorilla.

Today you can see what my feet look like when I paint an owl at Manly Art Gallery.I’ll be there painting from 10- 2 with other rad artists, one of which is @sindysinn

Tomorrow I will be doing some more art with a bunch of @la_division artists at @younghenrys Small World Festival in Marrickville (at Manly Art Gallery and Museum)

I painted Fjango the Flouro Lion live last night at the @i_manifest fund-raising party. It was on the roof of a tall building and I could even see the harbour bridge. Was pretty rad. (at 1 Bligh Street)

Painting some flouro Lion at @i_manifest, I think I need sunnies too.

My Flouro Lion sketch for tonight’s live painting at the @i_manifest fund-raising event in Sydney. Get tickets at (at 1 Bligh Street)

This is one of the gorillas I painted for the Newtown Art Seat. His name is Farmer Jerry.

He grows the bananas so sweet,
The most delicious bananas that you’ll ever meet. (at Newtown, New South Wales)

Chilling with the lovely Mayor of Marrickville Council @johaylen at the Newtown Art Seat today. My gorilla bros will be on display till 30 October. (at Newtown Square)

Checkout this sweet tattoo of Schubert the Sugar Skull.

Schubert is also available on tees today at the Cronulla Spring Fair and also in my online shop, link in my profile. (at Cronulla Mall)

Have you seen these sweet mugs? When Neil and Buzz visited the moon they drank their daily coffee out of these mugs, this photo is evidence.

If your down Nulla way today or tomorrow, come down to the Cronulla Fair. I’ve got a massive sale on the Mulga clothes. Wooooooo! (at Cronulla Spring Fair)

Check out these sweet Otis the Owl stickers I found in space the other day when I was flying in my spaceship.

Place an order in my online shop and you get one of these and a matching magnet for free. This is a fact.

If you visit my stall at the Cronulla Spring Fair on Saturday and Sunday you might even snag one. Just say to me “What does a space owl say?” and I will reply “Hoot hoot” and then you get a free sticker. (at Cronulla Spring Fair)

I just got a delivery of Mulga notebooks from the moon so you know they will be magical because some moon dust might of got on them during production.

They are available in my online shop, link in my profile and I will be selling them at Cronulla Spring Fair this Saturday and Sunday 10-4. (at Cronulla Spring Fair)

I made some art for the Newtown Art Seat situated in Newtown Square. It is of two big gorilla heads and a funky poem. It will be up until 30 October. Wooooooo! (at Newtown Square)

Got some sweet new greetings cards in! Get them from my online shop, link in my profile. All orders come with a free magnet and sticker, woo.

Also, I will be hosting my stall at Cronulla Spring Fair this weekend. (at Cronulla Spring Fair)