Mulga is Joel Moore, a Sydney based artist, freelance illustrator and poet who paints murals, designs t-shirts and runs the Mulga clothing label.

He loves to paint bearded folk, animals, zombies and wacky characters and has a unique style combining crazy colours overlaid by intricate line work.

Samurai Simon once defeated an army of Mongolian marauders using only his wits and his uncooked noodle sword. Some say he was foolish, others said he was a hero, whatever the truth is he feasted like a king that evening.

#mulga #mulgatheartist #nightnoodlemarkets2014 #nightnoodlemarketssydney #noodlemarkets @schweppesaus @realicedteaco (at Night Noodle Market)

Simon the Samurai loved noodles so much that he shunned the traditional weapons of the Samurai in favour of the noodle sword. He crafted his sword out of uncooked noodles and it was so strong that it went heaps good in battle scenarios. After victory he would boil his noodle sword and eat it.

I’ll be chilling with Simo tonight at the #nightnoodlemarkets doing some live art and what not. Whoot!

@schweppesaus #goodfoodmonth #nightnoodlemarkets2014 #noodlemarkets #nightnoodlemarket #mulgatheartist #mulga (at Hyde Park, Sydney)

#nightnoodlemarket is going off and so is Samurai Simon, he loves pork dumplings.

@schweppesaus @realicedteaco #mulgatheartist #mulga #hawkerssquare #nightnoodlemarkets2014 #nightnoodlemarketssydney (at Night Noodle Market)

I’m painting at the #nightnoodlemarket in Hyde Park in the @schweppesaus pavillion tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday nights from 5. Kung Fu John will see you there! (at Hyde Park)

I’ve got some of my most popular prints on sale with Temple and Webster at the moment. The sale finishes in 3 days. Get on it! Wooo!

I’ve got some of my most popular prints I sale with Temple and Webster at the moment, the sale ends in 3 days. Woo.

Close up of ole Featherbeard for @phoenixorganics

Getting my live art on at Bondi markets today with @phoenixorganics supplying the bevvies. Mmmm. (at Bondi Markets)

I’ll have my market stall at Bondi markets today chilling with the good peeps from @phoenixorganics who will have delicious beverages for one and all while I be making some live art. Nice. (at Bondi Markets)

This is a progress shot of Samurai Simon, he loves eating the Ramon Noodle Beef Burger for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’ll be back at the #nightnoodlemarket in the @schweppesaus @realicedteaco tent painting on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Tomorrow catch me at Bondi markets, wooooooo!
#mulgatheartist #noodlemarkets #hawkerssquare (at Night Noodle Market)

The mural in the @schweppesaus and @realicedteaco pavillion at the Night Noodle Markets is looking killer! Left to right, @shannoncrees @yeetheeast and @biffybrentano. Now my turn! #mulgatheartist #noodlemarkets #nightnoodlemarket #hawkerssquare (at Night Noodle Market)

It’s Samurai Simon and Kung Fu John, they are best friends and love eating noodles for dinner at the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park.

They will be on display in the @schweppesaus and @realicedteaco tent where I will be doing some live art tonight.

Then catch me on Sunday making some more live art at my market stall at Bondi markets. (at Night Noodle Market)

Colour explosions with the rad peeps out at Eden College youth off the Street. Fun times!

Getting super duper colourful with the kids at Youth off the Streets! Wooo.

Chilling with @dangerousdeano, he is a fun dude and tells heaps of good jokes like “Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road?” “Because he ran out of juice”

See me make some more live art this Saturday night at Night Noodle Markets and on Sunday all day at Bondi Markets. Yiew.