Mulga is Joel Moore, a Sydney based artist, freelance illustrator and poet who paints murals, designs t-shirts and runs the Mulga clothing label.

He loves to paint bearded folk, animals, zombies and wacky characters and has a unique style combining crazy colours overlaid by intricate line work.

I recently completed this commissioned painting. You can buy a print of it from my online shop, link in my profile.

An Ode to Jungle Friends

Unlikely friends were these creatures two
Like some kind of experiment done in a zoo

Louis the Lion was king of the jungle
And Sally the wombat was a creature so humble

She was on holidays from her land down under
Visiting the African jungles and the plains of thunder

In the shadows of Kilimanjaro she lost her tour group
Like without a paddle in the deepest of soup

Doomed she thought she was and without a way to survive
When she chanced upon Louis the Lion the boss of his tribe

He was intrigued with this wombat a creature he’d never seen
That came from a land of where he’d never been

This wombat he decided to not eat for his meal
But instead became buddies in a friendship so real

The End

I drew Jack Daniels for a party they had on the weekend. He was a dude with rad style.

This is the super funky poster I designed for super funk band @binjuicemusic

Get on down to the opening show of their tour this Sunday at the Lansdowne hotel Sydney.

This is what I look like when I paint a Zeus beard.

Me chilling at my market stall at Surry Hills festival today at Shannon Reserve on Crown Street. Thanks for the photo @artpharmacy! (at Surry Hills Festival)

Hey dudes, I will have my market stall at Surry Hills festival today located at Shannon Reserve near Central Station. I will have some of this Zeus dude on art prints. Yee! (at Shannon Reserve,)

This is Barry the Beaver- King of all Beavers. He rules the land of Beavers like a viking warlord dispensing justice with his trusty wooden sword. His beaver subjects pay tribute to him in the form of a gift of their choicest tree stump on his birthday each year. He is fierce but well loved by all the beaver people in all of beaver land and the dam he lives in is so majestic and large it can be seen from space. The End.

Ps catch me at Surry Hills festival tomorrow. (at Surry Hills Festival)

This is Sammy the Smooth and you can check him out in the Newtown Art Seat situated in Newtown Square.

He is a busker and he raps about bananas to bass laden beats and the bass from his 80’s style boom box travels through the earth until it reaches the bananas that grow in the plantations and they love it and dance to it and grow big and yellow and delicious.

If you would like to find out more about this story I will be at Surry Hills festival this Saturday with my market stall. Woo. (at Shannon Reserve,)

It’s Watermelon πŸ‰ Wally. Can you guess what animal he is? I don’t even know, but I do know this, he has an interesting story. It goes like this:

He snuck into a field of watermelons one night and was munching away at the goodness inside of them when a meteor plummeted to earth and landed on or near him. The meteor was radioactive or something and caused him to take on the qualities of a watermelon, his flesh became like that of a watermelon πŸ‰. From that day forward whenever he got peckish or thirsty he would bite some of his watermelon πŸ‰ flesh and eat it. It did not even hurt and would grow back soon after. He never went hungry or thirsty again. The End.

Ps I will be hosting my market stall at Surry Hills Festival this Saturday, it’s on near Central Station at Shannon Reserve. (at Surry Hills Festival)

I’ve put these 3 large original paintings up on my online shop. Link in my profile. They will be the perfect addition to your wall for the summer season.

I was interviewed by @gillieandmarcart for their art daily blog, you can read the weird things I had to say here

Close up of Fjango the Flouro Lion whom I painted at the @i_manifest fund-raising party.

When he was a lion cub a shooting star landed on his head and it turned him flouro so that whenever it is the night time he glows like a little firefly.

Sometimes he works as a light that sits atop a crane so that low flying aircraft don’t bump into it.

Close up of Henry the Anchor Skully from yesterday’s live paint with the @la_division fella’s at @younghenrys Small World Street Festival.

Special thanks to @sindysinn and @younghenrys for the good times! (at Young Henrys)

Please meet Henry the Anchor Skully Skull. He likes hanging out on his schooner and sunbathing in the ocean. He is also a fun loving chap. Email me at if you would like to purchase. You can view him at @younghenrys over the next few weeks. (at Young Henrys Small World)

Painting some sweet anchor skully skull πŸ’€ at @younghenrys Small a World Street Festival today. Wooooooo! (at Young Henrys Small World)